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Industrial SaaS

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Portalo – One-stop-shop for dealflow and investment management

Portalo have developed a software suite that handles the investment process from a-z. From dealflow management via portfolio management, boardroom to exit, all in the same software. The software enables deal-sharing with your co-investors, automated reporting, and financial tracking, all customizable at the click of a button.

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RAYVN – Critical event management software

RAYVN is the simple solution to help you prepare for and manage critical events. An intuitive and easy-to-use platform that lets you communicate, collaborate, assign and manage tasks and provide updates in real-time to anyone, anywhere via email, text or app notification. There is no time for learning curves in a crisis.

Top View Of Robotic Arm Working On Conveyor Belt In Smart Warehouse.

Goodtech – Technology provider of robotics, automation and digitalization

Goodtech is the leading system integrator in the Nordic regions with more than 300 skilled employees who, with their experience and expertise, contribute to streamlining industry – every day! Their range of expertise lives up to the ambition to digitize industrial operations and improve their customers’ competitiveness by combining process and solution expertise with new technology. Goodtech is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Ignite – empowering responsible decision-making

Ignite lets its customers optimize their procurement and enable smooth handling of regulatory measures such as corporate transparency and climate accounting. The company have now developed a software suite handling all aspects of procurement, also considering the vast number of regulations hitting industries worldwide supporting the modern economy.