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Strategy and Process

Investment strategy

The investment strategy focuses on fields where we can use the Groups ~140-year-long history of doing business in the ocean industries such as aquaculture, shipping and logistics. We invest in companies that target markets within the aquaculture- and maritime industry, and that provide leading products, technology or services to these markets. More specifically we divide our portfolio into Aquaculture, Technology and Renewable Energy.

We look for companies that have started commercialization, have achieved proof of concept, and have a proven traction in the market. For companies like this, we can contribute with our network, team, and expertise from different companies in the Grieg group to help scale the companies into profitable businesses.

Investment Criteria

The companies that Grieg Kapital invest in are either in late seed or early growth stage, which generally means that the technology or production method is proven and that scaling and capturing new markets are the main hurdles going forward. The main investment criteria that we evaluate by are:

Grieg Kapital employs a three-step investment process

Investment process