Grieg Kapital’s investment strategy is to invest where we can contribute actively with the Grieg Group’s longstanding history of business development. We invest in early stage and growth companies that can participate in the megatrends related to creating more sustainable protein production, scalable technology, and digitalization as well as a more sustainable energy mix.

Investment areas

We aim to invest in 2-3 new companies pr. year. This means that we will take our time and be selective and analytical before we invest. See Investment Strategy for more information.

Ocean Technology

The Technology investments in the portfolio are companies that provide technology to professional and industrial customers. We focus on Software as a Service (SaaS) companies that can generate recurring revenue and provide disrupting services and products that enhance their customers’ daily operation. We can also do hardware but will look for a strong software link or data generation component. We look for “mission critical” solutions that are growing rapidly, and have clear customer value propositions.

Sea fish farm taken from birds eye view.


The Aquaculture investments in the portfolio are companies that produce proteins or are critical suppliers to other protein producers. Our portfolio companies Proximar (Land based salmon farming in Japan) and C-Feed (starter feed for marine fish) are great examples of this.

Macro shot of electronic circuit board representing modern technology.

Industrial SaaS

The Industrial SaaS investments in the portfolio are companies that have a clear B2B value proposition and delivers a sector agnostic product offering.