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CEO Insight: Spearheading the Future of Aquaculture Technology


In this series, we portrait the CEOs of Grieg Kapital’s portfolio companies and give some insight into their background and perspectives. Next one in this series is Svein Erik Gregersen, CEO in Remora, which is a technology company within the aquaculture industry. Grieg Kapital has been an investor in Remora since 2023 and actively contributes to the growth journey.

Who is Svein Erik?

Svein Erik Gregersen, aged 41, is a devoted family man based in Sola, just outside Stavanger, with his wife and three children. He cherishes family time and is especially fond of Randone skiing during the winter. With a robust background in technology, Svein Erik is deeply passionate about all aspects of technology and how it can be applied to create customer value.

Svein Erik’s journey 

Svein Erik joined Remora as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in August last year and was heading the execution of a large-scale roll-out with customers. 1st of December 2023 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Svein Erik has over 15 years of experience from various leadership roles in different technology companies, his most recent as CCO in the technology start-up, EQON, where he succeeded positioning the company for the first customer contracts. Prior to that he held leadership roles in companies within O&G, developing and commercializing technologies within subsea and maritime applications. Svein Erik holds a master’s degree in electronic engineering from NTNU and an Executive MBA from NHH.

Why did he choose to start in a scale-up like Remora?

Svein Erik was drawn to Remora by the potential to maximize technology’s impact in the globally critical aquaculture industry. “The opportunity to influence an important industry both in Norway and globally, to enhance sustainability and deliver more protein to people, is highly motivating,” he explains. His leadership at Remora is characterized by a commitment to harmonizing technological advancements with client requirements while concurrently striving to reduce their environmental impact.

What’s Svein Erik’s definition of success?

His definition of success is when objectives are met through a united team effort, culminating in the collective success of the organization. He believes that the pinnacle of achievement is realized by delivering exceptional value to customers, a feat made possible by the concerted efforts of a team where each member utilizes their skills to the utmost.

Leadership style and company culture

Trust constitutes the foundational element of Svein Erik’s leadership philosophy, reinforcing his confidence in the aptitudes and aspirations of his team. He states, “My emphasis is on delegating responsibilities, creating opportunities, and providing mentorship to facilitate the enhancement of individual competencies. Candor and transparency regarding our achievements and setbacks are imperative, guaranteeing forthright relationships not only within our team but also with our customers, investors, and board members.

Short-term goals for Remora

Remora has seen remarkable growth, signing major contracts and building a considerable backlog. “Our objective is to have in excess of 100 systems fully operational by the conclusion of this year, whilst persistently engaging new customers”. The focus for the next six months is on strengthening the organization and expanding market reach, particularly in new geographical areas and among leading aquaculture companies in Norway.

Where is Remora in five years?

In five years, Svein Erik envisions Remora not only maintaining its position as an industry leader in autonomous net cleaning but also expanding globally. The company plans to expand its technology platform to provide customers with actionable insights on fish health. “Our aim is to be recognized worldwide as the preferred provider of tools and insights focused on fish health and sustainability,” he asserts. Remora is positioned to act as a catalyst for continued growth and development within the aquaculture sector.

What is Grieg Kapital like as an investor?

Grieg Kapital has been an exceptional partner, perfectly aligned with our focus on sustainability and fish health. Their involvement is a testament to our credibility and innovation,” Svein Erik praises. He values the engagement and high level of competence their team brings, which significantly supports Remora’s objectives.

Remora in brief

Remora Robotics specializes in autonomous cleaning robots that enhance fish health and promote sustainable practices in fish farming. Utilizing advanced sensors and robotics, Remora’s technology effectively monitors and cleans fish pens, improving the aquatic environment and supporting sustainable aquaculture operations.

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