Crisis management tool RAYVN shown on mobile screen.
News / January 10 2023

Investing in crisis management tool RAYVN


Grieg Kapital has become a shareholder in RAYVN AS, which has achieved success with its user-friendly crisis management tool. Now, the IT company is set for international growth.

When critical incidents occur, good crisis management tools are essential. RAYVN’s solution makes it possible to alert and mobilise the right people, coordinate all activities, communicate with key personnel, and develop documentation for later use.

Now Grieg Capital joins the ownership side of the Bergen-based company as part of a successful emission round of 28 million Norwegian kroner.


High demand for simpler crisis management

“RAYVN simplifies crisis management and has developed a solution that we believe is so user-friendly that everyone can start using the system immediately. An unstable world, disruptions in supply chains, and major climate changes require good tools for collaboration that quickly provide crisis management with the necessary overview – and thus can coordinate critical events that occur, says Thomas T. Grieg, Investment Director at Grieg Capital.

RAYVN’s solid professional competence and technological solutions have become popular not only in Norway but also internationally – especially within maritime and energy-related industries.

In 2022, RAYVN experienced a growth of 57 per cent, making them the fastest-growing company in the industry. They have signed several multinational corporations and currently have customers in more than 30 countries. In Norway, Jotun, Eviny, Bergen municipality, and Siem Offshore are among the clients – in addition to the Grieg Group.


Enabling further growth

The capital raising will enable RAYVN to invest further in product development, expand the team, and increase market share. The company has significant growth plans, especially within industries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The goal is to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of crisis management tools.

“Grieg Capital joining as a new, major owner will give us the financial muscles to continue our growth. In addition, they will be a strategic partner”, says Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO and co-founder of RAYVN.

He continues:

“In this emission round, about half of the capital comes from existing shareholders, such as DSD, Investinor, and Tucan Holding. We are excited about the support from such a strong group of investors and greatly appreciate our owners’ faith in the company.”

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